HR Academy Training: Preparing your organization for the challenges of the labour market (in English)

Empower your organization to thrive amidst the dynamic landscape of the labor market with our HR Academy Training.

Dlaczego warto wziąć udział w szkoleniu?

This course is an opportunity to enhance your professional value and acquire the key skills needed to effectively manage human resources in today’s business environment. It is an intensive programme that focuses on two main aspects: preparing your organisation to adapt in a changing labour market and improving communication skills in English, particularly important in the HR context. During the training, participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of current trends and best practices in HR management. Through interactive activities, case studies and practical exercises, they will gain practical tools and strategies that they can apply in their daily work to improve recruitment processes, employee development and performance management.

Dla kogo szkolenie?

The training is mainly aimed at professionals:

  • HRBPs (HR Business Partners)
  • HR specialists
  • HR Managers

Cel edukacyjny

The purpose of the course is to expand the knowledge of the English vocabulary used in the field of HR and to become proficient in the use of typical HR language in everyday work, while providing support to managers and employees in the introduction of new work organisation models related to agile working, especially in internally diverse teams.

Efekty uczenia się

  • Communication in English, understanding of specialised terminology and the ability to conduct recruitment interviews, conflict resolution and negotiation in the context of HR activities.
  • Understanding of organisational culture and diversity as relevant to effective HR management in an international business environment.
  • Describe the basic assumptions behind the introduction of new work organisation models related to agile working (e.g. agile), especially in internally diverse teams in terms of age, culture, etc.
  • Identify the benefits and risks associated with the use of flexible, collaborative forms of work delivery within the company.
  • Provide effective support to managers in introducing models of work organisation that are new to them, such as agile working.
  • Support managers in building agile teams based on diverse models and forms of work delivery.


Ramowy program szkolenia

  • The role of HR – from human resources to business and strategic partner
  • Job description
  • Job advertisements
  • Sources for finding a candidate in the labour market
  • CV analysis and lift speech
  • Interview
  • Evaluation of the onboarding process
  • What is offboarding
  • Management by competences
  • Competence matrices and defining competences
  • Typical vocabulary related to labour law – recognised and troublesome phrases in the field of Polish labour law, in the international market
  • Types of employment contracts and civil law contracts
  • What are diversity and inclusivity in an organisation
  • Process of defining training needs
  • Types of training
  • Career paths and types of development programmes
  • Narzędzia ocen pracowniczych
  • Zarządzanie przez cele (MBO, OKR)
  • What is conflict?
  • Ways of solving employee conflicts.
  • Remuneration components
  • Types of benefits on the market
  • Financial and non-financial methods of motivation
  • Organisation of meetings
  • Effectiveness in meetings
  • Presentation of important content/discussion of results

Metody pracy

In our training courses, we focus on practice, which is why each training session is based on numerous exercises and case studies of the participants. To achieve the main objective, it is a prerequisite that the participant engages in various forms of work during the training. The training is designed for both beginners and more advanced participants. The training is delivered in 45-minute didactic hours. Participants receive a script and a presentation.

Typy szkoleń

We provide flexibility and variety in the delivery of our training courses by adapting to the preferences of our clients. We offer:

  • Online training: For those who value convenience and the ability to learn from anywhere. Through video chat with our trainers, case studies discussed and screens shared – both by the presenter and participants – and numerous exercises, we make our online training as effective as on-site training. Ideal for participants who are further afield but want to train with our trainers.
  • Onsite training: the perfect option for those who prefer direct contact with the trainer and interaction with other participants. They are carried out in our Training Centre or at the company’s premises, providing intensive contact with the subject and practical exercises.
  • Open training courses: Form of delivery in a group of up to 8 people, training delivered either in-house or online, allowing for group interaction and discussion of multiple cases.
  • Dedicated closed-door training courses: These are training courses delivered on behalf of a company, dedicated to specific businesses, where trainers train and help to develop issues unique to the company and help to rectify any mistakes.


Our training courses are certified. After the training, participants receive a certificate. As a certified training company, we hold the highest honour in Europe – the SUS 2.0 certificate, which is only awarded to training companies that meet the highest standards of training services.

Wycena szkolenia

The pricing of training depends on the number of participants, whether the training is open or closed, and whether it is delivered stationary or online.

Możliwość dofinansowania do szkoleń

What sets us apart is that our employee training courses are eligible for funding opportunities.

National funds -2-3 times a year. Recruitment from the National Training Fund (KFS) implemented by the Provincial Labour Office. For interested companies and entrepreneurs, there is the possibility to take advantage of KFS funds, which can significantly facilitate financing and enable competence development.

EU funds – 4-5 times a year.  Funding is available from the European Social Fund (ESF). We dedicate these training courses additionally to people who run one-person businesses and are not obliged to employ an employee.  This gives the company, the entrepreneurs and the employees a chance to benefit from funding that can significantly facilitate investment in competence development.

We assist in the comprehensive preparation of the application together with the client. We have several years of experience in preparing applications that meet the formal and procedural requirements associated with applying for funding.

Zajęcia poprowadzą

Marta Szyszkowska

HR Business Partner/HR Manager/Interim HR Consultant z dwudziestoletnim doświadczeniem w budowaniu i implementowaniu polityki personalnej. Realizatorka wielu strategicznych projektów biznesowych rozwoju kompetencyjnego, pracy z talentami i budowania ścieżek rozwoju, zmian i transformacji oraz modelowania kultury organizacyjnej. Pracowała dla różnych międzynarodowych organizacji z obszaru finansów, turystycznej, e-commerce i technologii.

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